I am a writer based in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York, where I am a content developer for a non-profit dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism. I write about the people, places, and activities that make the Adirondacks such an extraordinary region to explore.

In addition, I write book reviews for Publisher’s Weekly Magazine, as well as creative non-fiction about my life with my grandmother.

My skills and specialties include travel writing, book reviews, academic writing, the history of science and the Victorian period. My recently completed master’s thesis focused on the impact of the astronomical works of John Pringle Nichol (1804-1859) on Adam Bede, the first novel of George Eliot (1819-1880). I earned my Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Master of Liberal Arts degrees from Harvard University’s Extension School.

What I read and talk about a lot: Golden Age English mysteries, 19th century English literature, natural history, The Golden Girls, wedding dresses, Nancy Drew, and space exploration.

I love to write and am available for taking on new projects and adventures big and small.