Great Camps, Greater Women

The story of the Great Camps of the Adirondacks is often told in relation to men: the men who built them, bought, and sold them. One story frequently told is that of W.W. Durant, who built the first Great Camps in the Adirondacks, several of which still stand today. Durant built Great Camp Sagamore, Camp Uncas, and others. He pioneered what is known as the Great Camp style and his legacy and telling his story in relation to the Adirondacks is important. But this story is not about him. Rather, in honor of International Women’s Day, and the generations of women who have been a part of Adirondack history in ways large and small, this story is about three of the women who lived in, cared for, and deeply loved two classic Adirondack Great Camps, women who deserve a bit more attention not just one day, but all year long.